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Must Have Food

So this morning…5.30 this morning we drug our bodies out of bed and did Kenpo X.  If you’ve never seen or have never done Kenpo X, think Tae Bo, but so much more.  I used to take a kick boxing class when I started college.  When I signed up for it my Aunt  (everybody should follow this link to her FB page and post loving things! Then I can tell her I made her famous!! lol) giggled.  I was pumped and ready to kick some…ace?…and be totally transformed into a smokin hot Italian weapon of mass destruction….well I didn’t become the Italian version of Columbiana, BUT I did learn some very basic fighting stances AND even better, I almost had to call my Aunt to come to school to help me get into my car to drive home.  For the first couple of weeks walking was hard but I lost a few inches and gained an…ACE!

Fast forward many years and now here we are leap year 2012 doing Kenpo at 5.30 in the AM…Kenpo IS NOT an early morning work out!  Tony is WAY too excited, and he’s asking WAY TOO much of me and my body is begging loudly to return to the once horizontal position.  The only advantage to working out in the AM is that it makes it SO much easier to let my mind wonder and think about everything else I have to do that day, week, month…That’s as quiet as my mind gets.

My husband after the workout was wondering around sans shirt and I noticed a dramatic difference!  He didn’t believe me so we pulled up the disastrous before photos and compared.  If you want true motivation—take a look at where you were 48 days ago!

What does ANY of this have to do with food?!  Glad you asked!  Lately we have gotten into a P90X  rut.  We eat steamed veggies, pasta and for him a slab of salmon.  Boca burgers are quickly losing their charm and tofu is a pain in the ….ACE to press, marinate and then cook.  PLUS I can down an entire block of tofu before my veggies are done!  Oh Sam’s Club why don’t you carry tofu in bulk?

I went to my trusty P90X recipe woman and scoured her ‘peas but didn’t find anything that the hubs would sink his teeth into…I tried to sell him on her mushroom pizza and he gave me a look then said, “Mushrooms ARE NOT pizza!”  I want to say, “They are if you aren’t eating carbs!”  Plus they look so freaking delish!  So after scouring the world wide inter-web I remembered my nutritional guide so we’re doing things full blown P90X style!

On the agenda is:

Italian Meatloaf—why do men LOVE meatloaf?  What is it about a loaf of meat that gets their motors running?  PS I’m half way considering subbing tempeh for the ground turkey…any suggestions on cooking tempeh anybody?

Shrimp Pompodor—my man will eat anything that consists of noodles and meat!  We might choose to use chicken instead as it is cheaper!

Pear Granola Muffins—this is all me.  I want something I can heat up and put honey on and dream of cream cheese frosting…

Oatmeal Pancakes—I got this one off a forum…I think it will be a great way for him to start the day.  He has to work and I’m volunteering!  If you are coming to Wine Women and Shoes in Tulsa–I’ll be there!

Tacos—before p90X this was our #1 go to meal!  We loved it.  We miss it and now since we can eat more than one carb we are eating tacos again dang it!

Lo-mien—I’m gonna try to find a lo mien recipe out there, I love stir fry and really anything Asian, I blame Chicago and having SO MANY great Asian restaurants in walking distance.

Well it sounds like I’m gonna be a busy little bee this weekend!  Can’t wait to share successes and pictures!  What is your go to meal?  What is your one indulgence?  What’s your favorite thing to cook?  Have a kick ACE P90X recipe?  Please share with me!


P90X Mac and Cheese

Cooking in my house has turned into a bit of a circus.  I don’t eat meat and Colin makes up for it.  Which is fine, we eat a balanced diet–a P90X diet.  I have relied on this site for a lot of help as far as recipes go because really you can only eat steamed veggies and bocca burgers for so long before you just don’t want to eat anymore.

Well I saw this recipe and knew I wanted to try it as I LOVE mac and cheese.  My grandmother makes it every year for Thanksgiving and our family reunion.  But Tony Horton doesn’t live by the same mantra that my grandmother does…”If it doesn’t taste right add a stick of butter…still not right add some sugar!”  I love that woman but I don’t know how she doesn’t weight more than she does!

So on to how I made this delish guilt free Mac N Cheese:

Take this recipe and multiply it by 3!

Seriously!  You will have a TON of M’n’C! Quick back story:  When we were grocery shopping I bought a bag of 24oz elbow noodles.  When we got back from shopping, not taking the recipe with me or looking at it before we left, I promptly cooked all the noodles.  So then I had to multiply the recipe by three!  If you don’t want to do that then here are the changes that I made–and it makes it OH SO much better!

Delete the yogurt
Add 1/3 c egg beaters (1 c if making 24 oz of pasta)
1/4 t garlic powder
1/4 t onion powder
1/4 t basil (the secret sauce!)
**we found as fat-free a cheese as we could find (mexican mix)

Cook noodles, mix all other ingredients together.  Add noodles then bake!

I divided it into two baking dishes and baked until brown on top at 350.

It is so good and it has fat free cottage cheese,  as fat free as you can find yellow cheese, and egg beaters!  After I mixed the cheeses and seasoning i wanted to sit down with a bowl of chips and watch House of Lies.

SO good!  And good for you!

Yum good for you Mac n Cheese

One Week Down…12 More to Go

One week down, 12 more to go!!  It sounds like a lot but I think we’ve done pretty well this first week of P90X.  We have learned a lot and pushed our bodies, and just as our muscles are starting to stop hurting we start week 2 tomorrow.  Let me run through the numbers if anybody has found this blog and is keeping track.

Food:  We bought a carton of skim milk and went through it in less than a week, so I think we’re gonna have to buy two cartons at a time.  We use it in our protein shakes and so we’re going through 2 cups (one for each of us) at a time, or sometimes more if we are trying to burn a dairy box.  We did have to pick up an extra bag of frozen mixed veggies from Sam’s and my one box of bocca burgers only lasted a week.  I’ve never cooked tofu and frankly I don’t know that I want to start learning.  I will say that we’re going to start investigating more menu options from this lady as I’m already bored.

Equipment:  Colin had to borrow a set of 10lb weights and he has a set of 20lbs.  Some of the arm exercises he realized that he needed to go down in weight.  My 5lb weights are perfect and our chin-up bars are well….who doesn’t love a chin-up bar?!  We did not initially buy a yoga block but since we’re not coming straight off the Cirque du Soleil we need the extra help.  Touching the floor and the entire bottom of my foot is something I did when I was a cheerleader….back in 2003!

P90X: So far Mr. Tony Horton has been great.  I love his energy and he really keeps it all interesting.  I will say that Plyometrics is from the devil himself, but at the same time I am looking forward to week 12 when I can kick its ass!  Even though the Yoga is very difficult I know that I will get where I need to be to be able to do it well.  Kenpo is for sure probably one of my favorites!  My only problem is I’m not very coordinated and so it’s also the one that I had to pause so I could get into my groove and not let him distract me…  I also had to say what I was doing loud enough that I could override him but still be able to hear when it was time for the next sequence.  “Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut…(pause, listen still going)Jab Cross—“  My poor neighbor, sorry Whitney for the 5 am Tae-Bo like session.

LOVE working out with Colin, he is a great support both mentally AND in actually supporting me on certain exercises.  I also love that I’ve gotten 4 additional people doing the program with us!  One of them I work with so it’s nice to not be the only one moving like a granny!

I’m struggling with the food bit, as I think my body is starting to scream at me the stuff that it misses, aka sugar!  I did lose it the other day and while I was at my Aunts I broke down and ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwich.  I was trying to justify it to Colin last night, “The ice cream was one dairy serving and the cookie was my carb serving!”  Colin said, “It’s not about the fall, it’s about getting back up!”  Thanks boo.

That’s all I got for today, questions, comments, problems post below and I will respond!  Until next time:

Get Your Mind Right and Bring IT!

And Here We Go

Disclaimer: I am writing this with full permission of Colin.

On January 1st Colin and I spent our 2nd Anniversary at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house.  It was beautiful and so very serene.  Aside from a lake and water toys there was one other thing that the lake house has that Colin and I do not—Cable.  Many of you know that Colin and I utilize our 50 inch tv as a monitor and do most of our TV watching from a laptop.  So not having a couple $100 cable bill also affords us the luxury of no info-mercials!  Well, at the lake house there is cable and info-mercials.  We stumbled upon a P90X info-merical.

Upon watching the very informative commercial Colin wanted to research this workout plan and was ready to “Bring IT!”  That is a common P90X phrase.  Well after researching and acquiring the DVDs, thanks John, we have now embarked on the journey that is P90X!  Check out videos for the program here.

Colin has talked to a lot of his friends and they all say that it is tough.  Which makes perfect sense and I would be disappointed if it were easy.  I have talked to my friends and have been on a recruitment campaign.  My efforts paid off and I did manage to get one friend to join me on this crazy journey that is P90X!  We have acquired chin-up bars—neither of us can do a chin-up—weights, protein powder, and snack bars.

The workout part of this adventure is pretty straight forward.  You workout an hour a day with whichever video is scheduled and you sweat a lot.  Beach Body, the people who invented P90X use what they call muscle confusion to keep you from plateauing.  I guess I get the concept but, at this point I’m just trying to stay excited about my new 5am wake-up call!  Yeah that’s right we’re working out in the AM!  If this workout program works–which I have no doubt it will–I will hopefully be fairly attractive by the time my B-Day rolls around!  That means that this year for my b-day I will be smokin, I will look awesome for my family reunion, AND for the lake this summer!

So tonight Colin and I get to go grocery shopping!  That’s right part of the P90X program is the nutritional plan.  The nutritional plan follows the workout structure in that it’s divided up into 3 phases, properly named phase 1, 2 and 3.  The nutritional plan is not bad at all.  There are a ton of options and it’s really about eating “clean” as a lot of people who work out say.  The first phase is like 60% protein.  They say it’s for cleansing.  This phase can last the full 30 days but more than likely it only lasts a few weeks due to the need for carbs for energy.  Phase 2 is more balanced diet, BUT if you want to really see all the benefits of P90X you have to make the jump to Phase 3, which is 60% carbs.  Tony Horton says this phase “has to be earned.”  It’s more along the lines of an athlete diet so if you aren’t working your but off and truly “Bringing It!” then you haven’t earned Phase 3 diet.

So within the 3 phases of the diet there are three different ways to approach the diet.  We were initially going to go with the menu plan.  There is a week menu and it has all these different meals for you to eat.  It is very diverse but it doesn’t use the same thing twice and of the people who have done it this way say it’s very expensive.  So we are going to try the portion plan.  This way gives us a grocery list of what we can eat and how much.  I found this website and she does a good job of breaking down the nutrition part into manageable chunks.  We’ll see.

Well, Colin said I could document our success here!  As we go through the 90 days I’ll post up here (cross fingers) a couple of times a week to let all y’all in on how it’s going.  If anybody has done P90X please comment below and let me know what you thought about the program.  We did take before pictures, and might I say that I now have proof that my husband did not marry me for my body….bless his heart.