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Day 60 Reveal

WOW!! Here we are at day 60!  I can’t believe it!  I remember Day 1 and I remember after our first work out thinking, “What the heck have we done?”  But between Colin and I there was no way no how that we were gonna give up.  And we haven’t.  Tomorrow starts phase 3 and we are ready to “Bring It” more than ever!

I’ve enjoyed watching myself get stronger and stronger.  And I love that there were things that I struggled with in Phase 1 that I don’t struggle with anymore.  I like that when we’re in the middle of Kenpo or Plyometrics that I catch myself thinking, “Man, at this point 2 weeks ago I was toast–I’m still standing today, I’m getting better!”

I think it’s safe to say that we have “drank the kool-aid” and we are all on board.  I, well technically we but I’m the only one that talks to her, have a great coach–Irais.  She is great at answering questions and helping to motivate me (us–I pass the motivation along) and give advice.  If you’re thinking about doing the program than I would strongly recommend using her!  How can you not?!  She’s FREE!!!

Phase 3 that’s the barrel that I’m staring down right now.  We can do it, I know we can.  We are seeing too much progress!  Yesterday Colin’s weight loss got acknowledged by a co-worker and I got my first weight loss acknowledgement on Wednesday.  THAT feels great.

I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody tell me that they have noticed a weight loss before….well ok my Mamaw, but she thinks I should be a very “healthy” Italian girl.  Not overweight, but she always tells me that I look too skinny.  And well, we’ve ALL seen the before photos and  know THAT’S not true!! 😉

At long last here they are, my 60 day photos.  I’m sorry that my boy shorts are purple this time, I promise it was not to “camouflage” anything–the green ones are in the laundry basket!  Also please count this as your obligatory PC warning, so if you don’t want your kiddos to see a woman in a bra and boy shorts clear them out!

Day 1

Day 60

Day 1

Day 60

Day 1

Day 60

I've never had one of those before!!!


58 Is Like 60….Right

Unfortunately I don’t have any recipes for you guys today.  I didn’t cook last night, but Colin and I did go to a young professional’s event.  I have a few pictures of that I can share with y’all.  The most exciting news of the day though is that Friday marks 60 days!!!! YAY! And we all know what that means—more photos!

Today was our last day of the 2nd rest week and tomorrow we have the day off.  I find myself in another place of uncertainty and questioning my results.  In the first 30 days I saw a change happening, but I don’t look like these women, here and here….and THAT makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough.  But I know that I’m doing my best, I know that I’m maxing my reps and really pushing myself.  But still you can’t do laundry on my abs.

Name tag so as not to forget your name--Check. Drinks so that you don't feel like an idiot--Check. Friends to talk to--For everything else there's always that flight to Chicago!

Then I wonder if I’m not eating right.  I will say I am probably NOT consuming 2,400 calories a day.  Trying to tick off all those servings was stressing Colin and I out.  And often times we ended up at the end of the day with a huge amount of food to eat.  During phase 2 we didn’t print out any more journals, and instead we just knew how many carbs we could eat and that we needed to work protein in at pretty much every meal.

Have we cheated at all on our diet—sure.  We’ve had a few drinks, we ate some nachos at the Motorcross in Dallas and every time we have instantly felt awful.   Maybe my expectations are over reaching.

Yay us trying to get out and meet people....

Most people ask “How do you feel?”  I hate to tell them the truth but the truth is I feel EXHAUSTED!   We are officially old, and are in bed no later than 9.30 and asleep by 10!  Then we’re up by 5.30 and sometimes I have to go to work AFTER work.  That’s right people I have dos trabajos!  It’s ok though I only have 30 days left and then I’ll have to figure something else out….cause I can’t lose ground!!!