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Blizzard 2011

Out side around 8 or so...notice the areas NOT covered in snow...

So here we are, broadcasting from Chicago, IL and reporting on the Blizzard of 2011!  Officially the most snow I have ever seen in my LIFE!  I’m sure everybody has been watching the news and keeping up with the blizzard that swept through the North West so I won’t recount how terrible the wind was, with gusts up to 55 mph.  And I won’t tell you that we got around 2 feet of snow, or how at 11.40am it is still falling at around 3″ per hour.  I’m not gonna waste valuable word count reiterating how Chicago Public Transit has come to an almost complete halt, with some of the El’ lines (Brown Line—Colin’s way into work) not even running and Lake Shore Drive littered with abandoned cars.  There is no need to talk about snow drifts that have almost completely covered cars and that the further out of the down town area you go the less likely you will find a snow plowed road.

These poor guys are trying to clear our walk way but wait till we get out a mere 2 hours later!

Instead, I would like to talk about how cool it is that in my first year of living in Chicago I get a snow day!  We get these periodically in Dallas, Texas but instead of snow we get ice, and of course that is a lot more dangerous.  Apparently, here in Chicago they don’t do snow days…ha!  The Texan moves north and NOW you Northerners get a snow day!  Since I’m a sales man or “sales woman” for all you that are politically correct out there, I am really appreciative that I don’t have to get out and walk through all this stuff.

The Street....

Kalie on the other hand, is LOVING it!  She literally swims through the drifts and enjoys jumping from bank to bank.  Since our apartment faces the street we can see all the people walking around in it.  The street is covered with snow and you can’t drive through it, you have to literally dig yourself out as you drive along.  This is so crazy to think about and frankly amazing to see.

Kalie got to play with a Schnauzer...

I’ve always seen on TV or heard about the huge snow falls up North, in Boston, Main and New York but I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.  We talked with my In-Laws today via Skype and Mrs. Pam showed us pictures of her back yard and it is comical compared to the snow that we have.  Of course then my next thought is, “And Dallas shuts down for less.  They would think it was the apocalypse if they got all this!”

Colin knee deep in the snow

I’ll keep ya’ll updated.  I’m posting pictures AND video so if you have slow connections beware that it might take a minute to watch it.  I think we should collectively gather round with a cup of Coco, a good book or great movie, Papaw’s heater blanket (thank you Mamaw!) and “hunker down” as my Mother would say.  We’re not going anywhere kiddos, maybe tomorrow will yield yet another snow day!!

Signing off in Lakeview, Chicago, IL this is the Cumbie Clan!

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“I really can’t stay…But Baby it’s cold outside…”

So we got our first “real” snow of the season!!  The weather man predicted that it would start snowing Friday night and at 11pm not a single flake was to be seen.  I have to admit there was a pang of disappointment.  I had mentally prepared myself for my first Northern winter snow and was ready to break out my snow boots.  We were expecting 4-6 inches and when by 11 there was 0 white stuff, I thought this is gonna be just like Texas.  Colin just smiled at me and said, “They said it wouldn’t start till midnight.  You’ll gt your snow.”  Colin had to work on Saturday so when the alarm went off he got out of bed and peeked through the blinds….half awake I said, “We didn’t get any did we?”  “Oh no baby he said, we have at least 2 inches and it’s still snowing at 1/2 an inch an hour!”  I smiled inside.  Snow, real live honest to goodness Northern snow.

Our street around 2pm

A tree at the dog park around 12 or 11.45

I got up at 8.30 and researched Colin’s Christmas presents, milled around the house a bit and every once and while I’d check outside to make sure it was still snowing and still sticking…it was!  About 11 ish I took a shower and got dressed, then got Kalie in her coat and shoes (we bought her shoes because the salt solution will burnt he bottom of their feet!) then I bundled up and headed outside.  Kalie was so excited about the new ground covering and let me know quickly that a quick walk across the street would not suffice.  So off to the dog park we went-snow still falling-so Kalie could run off her energy.  She ran off her energy and she even ran out of her shoes!  We decided that the shoes were not for snow but instead for the salt only.

Happy Kal-Bell

After she ran around for a bit we decided to go to Micheals.  I wanted to buy some fabric to use as a tree skirt.  They didn’t have any so we came back home.  I was surprised that it wasn’t that cold, but I think what made it bearable was that the wind was not blowing.  It was cloudy but it wasn’t too cold.  Colin came home after work and we got ready for the OU game.  We played a nervous game against Nebraska, but we won in the end–3 points, we’ll take it.  Here we come Fiesta Bowl.   I think it was a good Saturday.

On the way to Micheals

Back on our street going home

It’s a bit icy now and we are looking forward to another week.  Christmas is coming close and we are desperately looking for a caterer to cater our Christmas dinner–no luck so far!  I wish I could just call James at the Palace and get a great dinner.  I would not onlyknow that I would get a great tasting meal but I know that with James you always get so much food.  If anybody knows of any great caterers in Chicago send me their number.  Hope ya’ll are worm down in Texas and Oklahoma!  TTFN

All is right in the world of Kalie when she finds a stick!