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Day 4 (Or January 9th, Or the Day My Body Quit Me)

Ok, I bow down to the great and wonderful Shaun T! I will never again think that something as “easy” as 25 minutes a day will be easy….I was wrong Shaun you are right!

Today of all days is Abs. I forgot all the things my abs are attached to in my body. I forgot how many seemingly benign movements require the use of my core. I forgot what it was like to feel every giggle, breath, stair, really movement is what triggers the pain right now.

Abs is a GREAT workout and I have no doubt that by the end of this month (if I can quit baby lady and do the grown up moves) I WILL HAVE more defined abs. I just hope my abs stick around to watch that happen.

In the video (or bideo if you are a yong Adam Gallowy) you spend most of your time on the ground. Which I really like as I was dog tired. So you’re on the floor workin hard, maybe a few choice words come out, breathing cause if ya stop it really hurts, and then suddenly Shaun’s all “Let’s sprint it out!” Those people (in the video) get on their feet WAY to fast (a) pre-coffe, (b) after putting their abs through a quite harsh interrogation, (c) to maintain energy for the rest of the 25 minutes! I honestly think P90X’s ab workout is easier!

So we have very harshly interrogated our abs, maybe even got a little physical, then we “change pace” and start sprinting—for the cardio—then we squat, deep and low. We do the cardio/squat bit for about a minute, ya know to give the abs the impression that we were finished. Ya know walk out of the interrogation room “make ‘em sweat” type thing….only literally making you sweat. Anyway well now we are back to ask more questions, except now it’s all Gitmo in here. My abs, they are sore, and they gave up every last ounce of resistance….

Tomorrow is a double…that means it’s 50 minutes!


Day 3 (Or January 8th, Or the day I died–your pick)

SO very many things are running through my head:
#1) I just nearly died.
#2) I should put more fuel in my body before doing THAT much moving.
#3) I think I’m going to kill this infection by working out.
#4) How did I live through P90X?
#5) I workout so I can drink a recovery drink!

I will admit that after yesterdays “Speed 1.0” workout I thought, “Well that’s a blow off day!” I was wrong, I was wrong on SO VERY MANY levels.

**Quick recap: Day 1 result equaled extreme soreness in the lower half of my body. Day 2 apparently is the day we kill off the other half. I woke up this morning and couldn’t move. C said, “Good that means is working!” No—not before coffee!

These workouts are 25 minutes, I was under the assumption that they would be a great way to get my body moving again to tackle something challenging like P90X3 or something “serious”….ladies and gents this shizzle is HARD WORK!!

Today was “Total Body Circuit” aka “Shaun T Decides if You Get to Live.” (It’s totes LQR!) Yes, I have been using the modified version so far, and today I was foolish enough to say meh, I’m just gonna be a big girl (for those not following—I signed my death certificate right then) and do the “real” version! Well that lasted 2.5 seconds when Burpees became a part of the workout.

The guy that invented those was a trainer. And one day he said F-it! If you can’t do 100 of these in 2.5 seconds I aint gonna train yo lazy behind no mo! PS one of his clients later killed him….I would have!

Since I was basically without proper use of my legs (we did a lot of squats and jumps, ya know to make ‘em feel better) and arms (we did a lot of push-ups and planks, ya know to….ah piss on ya!) I was in pain the whole time. My dogs didn’t know if they needed to phone 911 or if they were in trouble from all the verbal utterances.

Luckily for me I only have a FULL day tomorrow. 6 hours of drive time and THEN rehearsal.

Day 2 (January 7th)

Welcome to Speed 1.0

I liked this one. This one is “all about the core and motion control.” So we start out with the progression of moves and then we get up to speed then when you think, “I’m done” he stops and you stretch. C said this is growing your recovery rate. I guess that’s cool.

I still did the modified version (this does not make me happy) and I still coughed up crap (this time we added colors…gross I know). I pushed till it hurt to breathe then went back to working out with the baby lady. The gal that does the modified moves just had a baby….

I felt downright awful when I couldn’t keep up with the “one legged wonder” in P90X, now my workout skill level is on par with a woman who has just given birth! I don’t know if that’s an improvement or not.

Food wise not much to tell. Yesterday’s food journal:
Recovery Drink (In Tony Horton’s words, “The reason we work out.”)
Tacos no meat for lunch (We made these at home so they only had one spoonful of rice, no tortillas, no chips, no fat cheese and no fat SC)
Handful of nuts as a snack (grow up boys)
Homemade Roast, carrots, and baby potatos (this was small bowl, maybe 1.5 cups)
Handful of grapes

I know nothing fancy….no shakes no anything.

Day 1 (Or January 6th)

I don’t know how far ahead I’ll write then post so for now I’ll date as I go.

Went to bed last night late….well 11ish late. Had trouble falling asleep—my mind goes bananas. Got up not as early as I was hoping. I have this nasty habit of sleeping as late as C does sometimes….ugh it throws the day.

He worked out with me. Apparently I have an upper respiratory infection trying to set in, as I was hacking up some gruesome stuff.  In other news I am also REALLY out of shape….I blame driving as much as a trucker. Also I only was able to keep up with “modified” version of the workout….I blame the “respiratory infection.”

I liked getting it done in 25 minutes, I also liked that my calves and glutes got increasingly sore as the day went on. Why? Well after completing P90X I am accustomed to the pains of intense workouts, I like it. It tells me that I have moved my body sufficiently enough to anger the fat gods.

I was/am skeptical of the results that can happen with only 25 minutes a day. I am NOT the type to halfway do an at home workout though. My typical cycle is to push until my heart monitor is beeping at me (and by heart monitor I mean C, and by beeping I mean using his strong manly voice) then slow it down a little to appease said HRM (read C), and then begin to climb again.

Day 1 is Cardio. Shaun always starts with a move and then he progresses the move along and then he builds on the move. Example:
Step1: High knees march
Step 2: High knees jog
Step 3: Runners Stance then sprint for x seconds
Step 4: Die

By the time my day ended it hurt to move any of my lower body. Workout success!