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Just a Naked Chic

Ok well almost naked. These posts always seem to get the most attention, and so I feel extra pressure to be witty and what not.

In case you’re just tuning in, C and I are on a quest to long term wellness.  And we feel the first step is to do P90X Doubles. What prompted such a change you might ask yourself? Was it the scary texts from Dr. M? No, well not really, although I want my husband to have high cholesterol as much as the next gal (in other words I don’t want him to have high cholesterol).

It’s just not as funny if you have to explain it….

We I am doing this cause I want to be able to throw my body around “like a ragdoll” as C says.  If you haven’t you should definitely check out the videos I posted yesterday. No seriously they are of two pole dancers…yeah see now you want to go look, go ahead, I’ll wait for ya. C just wants to get bigger…

So without further ado, here are the photos. I know I’m a long way from the dancers, BUT this is where I am not and that’s what we’re dealing with.  Hey do you think it matters that those dancers are like 5’2” and I’m 5’10”……NAH surely not!

Front Pose

Front Pose










Front--Arms Up

Front–Arms Up


Right Side

Right Side (Trying to think skinny thoughts)


Back–ugh (insert deprecating remark here…)



























Back--Arms Up

Back–Arms Up










Left Side

Left Side










Sooooooo there ya go. I know I know BUT things will get better…I hope.



I Want To Be THIS Girl….

Ok so I know that she is like 5’2 with 7 feet worth of Daddy issues BUT my gosh is that child in control of her body!

Recent Conversation:

Lee: Hey Col, will you watch this for a sec….puhleeeeeeaze
Col: What is it?
Lee: It’s a pole dancer. I want to be able to do this.
Col: Pole dance?…uh…no. We pay Amy a lot of money so you don’t have to go work out those issues with a pole!
Lee: Just watch.
Col: Shit! She’s really good.
Lee: My point….made! How do I get to be able to do that?
Col: It’ll take longer than 90 days.

I could say p’wned here but I shall not.  After discussing the length of time and method and what muscles this girl is wielding we decided the inevitable.  We are both becoming pole dancers!

JK…but seriouisly….no really jk….but really we are beginning a new journey in our lives.

See about 2 weeks later we had an annual check-up and the texts with my Dr went like this:
Dr. M: Your cholesterol was up, which shocked me, but I’m worried that Colin’s was even higher than last years.
Lee: Bummer
Dr. M: You need to cut back on all that Southern Cooking!
Lee: I’m sorry Dr. M your—bre—-ing—p. Ca—b—ck—lat—click. Well technically there was no click as this was a text convo BUT you get the point.

So in our my attempt to enable me to be able to do things with my body liken unto a ragdoll, and in an effort to keep my husband alive we are committing to the following:

90 days of P90X Doubles, then 60 days of me doing Insanity and possibly Colin doing Beast. Then, finally if I stick it out for 150 days, Colin said I could take a pole dancing class!

You know what this means, more ½ naked photos. Check it out, tomorrow is the first set, AND I even bought special fitness clothes to model in—no more bra and undies!

Let the Insanity Begin

That’s right boys and girls you heard correctly! Today is day one of Insanity at the Cumbie house!

I don’t want to hear any wise cracks of “Only Day 1! Lee you have had insanity in your house from the beginning!” or “Why did you just now start marking the insanity that is you?” Why is is only ME that is insane? Why isn’t Colin insane?!! If you people only knew what that man did behind closed doors you would have told me that “Day 1” started almost 5 years ago!  Yep it’s hard to believe that Colin and I have been together for almost 5 years!

Ok back to my announcement: Insanity

Insanity is a bit different from P90X.  For starters Shaun T is scary.  Tony Horton is not.
Insanity is only 60 days where P90 is…..well it’s 90 days…..duh
Insanity (so far) has a better meal plan than P90
BUT both P90 and Insanity are very serious about clean eating and coming off of “normal” eating….well it makes the first week tough.

This morning we ate a MASSIVE (2/3 cup) of oatmeal.  NOT instant, with a scoop of protein powder (vanilla), blueberries, and walnuts (gag me!).  I didn’t take a picture cause it was so good (but really I forgot).  It honestly was pretty tasty.

On Insanity I have to consume 1952 calories and Colin is at like 2525 (somewhere around there).  We will be burning at leas 700 calories a day, which leaves us with 1252 and 1825 respectively to function.

So at 10 I started eating my “snack” 1 Banana (I can’t say banana without thinking about Despicable Me’s mini short) with all-natural nut butter–we chose almond butter, and a yogurt bowl.  1 Cup of yogurt + 1 Apple + 2T walnuts + 1t honey.  Have I told you how much I REALLY don’t care for nuts? Too bad, I guess.

Here is a picture of my Yogurt Bowl…


Yogurt Bowl. Yuuuuummm

Tonight we’re eating….more food.  So much food! Also tonight we get to take pictures….(“Love those” nobody said ever!) and do our Fit Test!  Will post results manana (that Spanish for Tomorrow)!

Look at all the learning you kiddos get on this blog…..when I write it…..
Who else is doing Insanity? Both the workout and just an insane lifestyle???  I wanna know!

P90X Recipe–Salmon and Pasta

Wednesday we went grocery shopping.  In addition to our typical frozen chicken, salmon, veggies and fruit, we bought enough extra stuff for me to make some awesome P90X approved meals.  Most of these are meals that I got from the nutrition guide.  Today we are going to review Salmon Pomodoro today.  This dish originally calls for Shrimp, but we didn’t want to buy a whole bag of frozen shrimp.

The directions tell you how to make one, that’s it just one (1).  That’s right one whole serving.  I love P90X and I totally get that not everybody is cooking for more than one person, and I also completely understand that Tony Horton doesn’t cook but instead have his meals delivered.  BUT I am married, I work 2 jobs, I have 2 dogs, and I don’t have time to make 2 different dinners–one for him and one for me.  So I had to get innovative.  I took the recipe for the Level 3 portion of the nutrition plan and multiplied by random numbers.

At first I was using my cans of diced tomatoes as my guide for how much to multiply the other stuff by and it worked for the most part.  I don’t like basil, at least not quite as much as I have added to this recipe so next time I might cut it back–more on that later.  Friday morning as I was brushing my teeth I realized that I could have used my food weigh-er to weigh the amount of pasta I was using and the whole meal might have been more simple, aka less math!  I hope it’s not old age… 😉

Finished Product--It smelled so good!

Here is the “Single” recipe for Shrimp Pomodoro the bold is what the original recipe called for, my notes and changes are in parenthesis:
1T olive oil —–(I used 4)
1T chopped garlic —–(I used jarred chopped garlic.  We buy it in huge jars at the store and I used 2 T of that)
2T ff (fat-free) chicken broth —–(that’s right I said chicken broth.  It wasn’t until I got home from the store at 8.30 that I realized I had grabbed the wrong box–I would sub this with Veggie broth.  Next time!)
.5 c diced tomato —–(I used 2 14.5 oz cans)
2oz whole wheat pasta —–(I have this little tool that has different sized holes in it and Colin says the numbers represent serving size.  I used the hole that said 4)
12oz medium shrimp, uncooked —–(or…1 frzn salmon fillet)
2T basil —–(I used 4–should used 2, or 1–lot of basil)
(This is NOT part of the original recipe, but this farm girl can hardly cook anything with out adding garlic, onion, and butter.  P90X has ended the butter but they can’t take away my onion powder!!! I added 4T onion powder)

Cook pasta.
Saute garlic and olive oil in pan until garlic is browned.
Empty cans (or add diced tomatoes) to garlic mixture, including juice if using cans.
Add broth and simmer for 5-10 minutes until tomatoes are done.
Add shrimp to pan and cook for several more minutes, until shrimp are opaque.
Add basil and toss shrimp mixture with cooked pasta**.
**I put my water on to boil then when I added my pasta I started this sauce and by the time the red gravy had thickened a tad and was simmering the pasta was done.  I also cooked my basil in with the gravy so that the tomatoes would absorb the flavor.

My Supper--Sans Shrimp or Salmon

As you remember we didn’t use shrimp, so I cooked the pasta and red gravy like the directions said and baked Colin’s salmon in the oven.

Colin's Supper!

I think next time I will lessen the basil and be certain to read carefully the broth box!  If we weren’t on such a tight budget then I would have gone back and bought another box, but alas I had already blown through the amount I told Colin I thought it would be–I’m horrible at guessing stuff like that–so I sucked it up and ate a bowl and he can have the rest!….

Stay tuned for Oatmeal Pancakes, Pear and Granola Muffins, and some P90X worthy Chicken Parmesan!!!

1/2 Way to Glory

So we are officially half way finished with P90X!!!  MAN this has been an interesting road to hoe (yes, I’m from a farm…I have actually used a hoe before).  I feel great and I’ve learned a lot!  Let’s see here are some highlights:

1.  Food–I’ve learned to look at food differently.  I used to have the worst eating habits, and that’s putting it mildly.  I still don’t think that I have a realistic (aka mentally healthy) view on food, but at least I can eat more than once a day and not hate myself for it!

2.  Myself–I have learned that I am bossy!  I think I already knew this but apparently I feel the need to “help” my husband more than he feels he might need “help!”  I have also learned that I desperately need my husband to work out with!  I say this cause, when I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, I call out Colin’s name and he knows exactly what to say.  If we have 10 seconds or less in a particular exercise, he starts counting down, if that is not the happy case then he sends encouragement my way.  Love that man!

3.  Tony Horton–I do believe this man is on some form of stimulant!  Who, in the name of all things holy, is that excited EVERY time we work out, and for a whole HOUR of working out?  Tony I love you, but sometimes I have to remind myself.

5.  “It’s not about falling, it’s about getting back up.”–Colin Cumbie

6.  I just might sign up for another round!

There isn’t anything new about working out that I didn’t already know.  I knew it would be hard.  To go from fat to model ready in 90 days is certain to be the opposite of easy!  I’ve loved watching my body change and each week adding a pull-up or two (still assisted!) to my reps.  I can even almost do a whole pull up sans chair!

So if you’re thinking about P90X here are some words of wisdom from 1/2 way through [(I know I like lists…but I tend to lose them) And apparently it’s random facts about Lee today!!]:

1.  I know a great coach!  Use her–she helps!
2.  “Get Your Mind Right!” I know, I know…but seriously.  Come ready to work and when it gets tough, let your mind wander to how fab you are going to look in a swim suit!
3.  You CAN DO THIS! You can show up, everyday and push hard, everyday!  I know you can.  And I know you will do amazing.
4.  No lie–this is a commitment.  So commit already!

What was something hard that you tried?  Have you ever been pushed?  Have you ever pushed yourself?  What did you learn?

P90X Mac and Cheese

Cooking in my house has turned into a bit of a circus.  I don’t eat meat and Colin makes up for it.  Which is fine, we eat a balanced diet–a P90X diet.  I have relied on this site for a lot of help as far as recipes go because really you can only eat steamed veggies and bocca burgers for so long before you just don’t want to eat anymore.

Well I saw this recipe and knew I wanted to try it as I LOVE mac and cheese.  My grandmother makes it every year for Thanksgiving and our family reunion.  But Tony Horton doesn’t live by the same mantra that my grandmother does…”If it doesn’t taste right add a stick of butter…still not right add some sugar!”  I love that woman but I don’t know how she doesn’t weight more than she does!

So on to how I made this delish guilt free Mac N Cheese:

Take this recipe and multiply it by 3!

Seriously!  You will have a TON of M’n’C! Quick back story:  When we were grocery shopping I bought a bag of 24oz elbow noodles.  When we got back from shopping, not taking the recipe with me or looking at it before we left, I promptly cooked all the noodles.  So then I had to multiply the recipe by three!  If you don’t want to do that then here are the changes that I made–and it makes it OH SO much better!

Delete the yogurt
Add 1/3 c egg beaters (1 c if making 24 oz of pasta)
1/4 t garlic powder
1/4 t onion powder
1/4 t basil (the secret sauce!)
**we found as fat-free a cheese as we could find (mexican mix)

Cook noodles, mix all other ingredients together.  Add noodles then bake!

I divided it into two baking dishes and baked until brown on top at 350.

It is so good and it has fat free cottage cheese,  as fat free as you can find yellow cheese, and egg beaters!  After I mixed the cheeses and seasoning i wanted to sit down with a bowl of chips and watch House of Lies.

SO good!  And good for you!

Yum good for you Mac n Cheese

So Much to Say…But Only One Post

So I have two recipes I owe you guys, one that I’ve been promising and another that I did the other night.  I owe you guys a P90X update!  OH and then the obligatory Valentine’s day post….where to start?

I guess I’ll start with the obvious…V-Day.

What did you do?  Did your honey send you flowers?  Did you get chocolates?  An awesome gift?  Well, whatever you got, even if you got it yourself I hope it was amazing!  Would you like to know what I got?  Well, I got the most tantalizing of all gifts!  I got the most amazing opportunity to study and totally immerse myself in the legal system that is Tulsa, OK!  That’s right boys and girls, because what better way to honor the patron St. Valentine then by going to court.

Some interesting points of interest are these:
a)  You never too old to plead guild to Larson.

b)  Hookers DO go to court.

c)  If are driving without a license it is a 9 day jail sentence….unless you work out a 6 month payment plan.

d)  Charged with assault and battery?  No big deal, we’ll keep pushing your court date pack till somebody signs the paperwork.

I did see actual lawyers, and I don’t know who they ticked off to have to deal with that bunch but it’s definitely NOT what TV says it is…it is NOT Harry’s Law!  So that was about 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.  Oh one more thing, if you were say going to court, ps I was going for a speeding ticket!, would you possibly think that you would go to the “Courthouse?”  You would be wrong!


I know your next thought.  “Lee, your doing P90X, and Tony hates all things that are round and truffle shaped, that have an outside shell but a melt in your mouth center….how did you enjoy V-Day?!”  This is a very good question my friends, and surprisingly I did not crave a handcrafted bit of chocolate art!  I did find myself in the produce section of whole foods with a carton of chocolate dipped strawberries…I wiped off the drool and put them back…reluctantly.


Colin and I are avid wanna be DIYers…yeah go ahead and re-read that bit.  (I know it seems like a topic switch but stick with me…)  I hoard Martha Stewart Living and I get way too many DIY blogs delivered to my inbox, but one day I will make something!  One day I will also get an Edible Arrangements bouquet!  When I’m not on P90X!  But one day I will.  Col, knows how much I’ve wanted one.  I think I mention it about once or twice a year—I just really think they are cool!

Cute Mug--Check

But they aren’t fun if you can’t eat the chocolate part!  I mean who wants to sit there and watch chocolate covered fruit be picked off my co-workers or friends?! NOT this girl!  So my husband did the absolute sweetest thing ever!  He DIYed me an Edible Arrangement!  There were these two mugs at Target that I think are adorable, he bought them.  Then he bought some fruit and skewers at Reasors.  Lastly, he skewered all the fruit and put it in the tall mug and then stack strawberries in the short one!!  It was so awesome.  Check out my photos.

DIYing an Edible Arrangement (don't judge my dirty dish)

Ok, I’ll post again maybe tomorrow—if I have time—about a recipe or how we’re doing.

Happy Valentines Day to ME!!!

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!  I swear in this marriage I got the better deal!  I would take this any day over some stinkin Edible Arrangement!

OH PPS I was going to bite the bullet and share my before and 1st 30 day photos with everybody, just so ya’ll could see the transformation…I was surprised!  What do ya’ll think?  Before and After Photos anybody?  I will warn you I am scantily clad….as in bra and panties…maybe I could cut the bra part out….

Ok...so this pic might cause some major cavities...cheese fest I know!