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So Much to Say…But Only One Post

So I have two recipes I owe you guys, one that I’ve been promising and another that I did the other night.  I owe you guys a P90X update!  OH and then the obligatory Valentine’s day post….where to start?

I guess I’ll start with the obvious…V-Day.

What did you do?  Did your honey send you flowers?  Did you get chocolates?  An awesome gift?  Well, whatever you got, even if you got it yourself I hope it was amazing!  Would you like to know what I got?  Well, I got the most tantalizing of all gifts!  I got the most amazing opportunity to study and totally immerse myself in the legal system that is Tulsa, OK!  That’s right boys and girls, because what better way to honor the patron St. Valentine then by going to court.

Some interesting points of interest are these:
a)  You never too old to plead guild to Larson.

b)  Hookers DO go to court.

c)  If are driving without a license it is a 9 day jail sentence….unless you work out a 6 month payment plan.

d)  Charged with assault and battery?  No big deal, we’ll keep pushing your court date pack till somebody signs the paperwork.

I did see actual lawyers, and I don’t know who they ticked off to have to deal with that bunch but it’s definitely NOT what TV says it is…it is NOT Harry’s Law!  So that was about 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.  Oh one more thing, if you were say going to court, ps I was going for a speeding ticket!, would you possibly think that you would go to the “Courthouse?”  You would be wrong!


I know your next thought.  “Lee, your doing P90X, and Tony hates all things that are round and truffle shaped, that have an outside shell but a melt in your mouth center….how did you enjoy V-Day?!”  This is a very good question my friends, and surprisingly I did not crave a handcrafted bit of chocolate art!  I did find myself in the produce section of whole foods with a carton of chocolate dipped strawberries…I wiped off the drool and put them back…reluctantly.


Colin and I are avid wanna be DIYers…yeah go ahead and re-read that bit.  (I know it seems like a topic switch but stick with me…)  I hoard Martha Stewart Living and I get way too many DIY blogs delivered to my inbox, but one day I will make something!  One day I will also get an Edible Arrangements bouquet!  When I’m not on P90X!  But one day I will.  Col, knows how much I’ve wanted one.  I think I mention it about once or twice a year—I just really think they are cool!

Cute Mug--Check

But they aren’t fun if you can’t eat the chocolate part!  I mean who wants to sit there and watch chocolate covered fruit be picked off my co-workers or friends?! NOT this girl!  So my husband did the absolute sweetest thing ever!  He DIYed me an Edible Arrangement!  There were these two mugs at Target that I think are adorable, he bought them.  Then he bought some fruit and skewers at Reasors.  Lastly, he skewered all the fruit and put it in the tall mug and then stack strawberries in the short one!!  It was so awesome.  Check out my photos.

DIYing an Edible Arrangement (don't judge my dirty dish)

Ok, I’ll post again maybe tomorrow—if I have time—about a recipe or how we’re doing.

Happy Valentines Day to ME!!!

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!  I swear in this marriage I got the better deal!  I would take this any day over some stinkin Edible Arrangement!

OH PPS I was going to bite the bullet and share my before and 1st 30 day photos with everybody, just so ya’ll could see the transformation…I was surprised!  What do ya’ll think?  Before and After Photos anybody?  I will warn you I am scantily clad….as in bra and panties…maybe I could cut the bra part out….

Ok...so this pic might cause some major cavities...cheese fest I know!


Aaaandddd We’re BACK!!

So as some of you know we’re back in the good Ol’ South!  Well, we’re in Oklahoma-Tulsa to be exact.  After the grueling Chicago winter, and spending around 2k to come home to visit we decided that we should cut expenses.  AND BOY DID WE CUT!!

I’m posting pictures soon….I promise (it’s not like I don’t have the time) 😉

But just a quick catch up:
A) We really do live in Tulsa now!
1) Reasons we moved back: Weather, Family, Start Thinking (about 4yrs from now) About Kiddos, Cost of Living, Mo’ Money=Mo’ Fun
B) We live in Brookside
C) We bought a car: Red ’07 Mazda CX-7 (She is currently nameless)
D) Colin kept his job and I might keep mine
E) Looking forward to the famous Tulsa State Fair

Pictures coming with more info as soon as I find them!  Also I will write a tribute blog to my Chi-Town Peeps!