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Christmas Time Is Here


Santa Came By!!

So Christmas went very well.  It was very relaxing and low key.  Colin woke up at 8am and wanted to immediately open presents…so much for sleeping in!  We opened gifts and I got the coolest stuff around people!  Check out the gallery for some pics of us and our awesome gifts.  I made Bunuelos for breakfast; these are the absolute best breakfast goodies I know of.  They are super easy to make, like making pancakes, and Colin and I both are in love with them.

We spent the day on the couch and just hung out.  I bought the winning present of awesomeness.

Bucky Balls!

I bought Colin a Buckyball cube.  This cube is comprised of 216 small magnetic balls and all we did all day was sit and play with them and make shapes and watch videos on all the different shapes we could make.  I bought them for Colin to take to work so he could have them to play with when the job gets slow.  All his co-workers love to play with them as well so they were a huge hit!

YAY!!! Fizzy Water

I got a fizzy water making machine!  So now I can make fizzy water anytime I want, plus I got a food processor AND a immersion blender!  Oh and I got a great wok and he gave 50 gold coins to spend at Etsy.  I have a great husband who got me amazing gifts.

I made breakfast stuffs for us to eat on all day.  Two different Strata’s one with meat for Colin and one sans meat for me, sausage balls for Colin and sausage swirls, I bought a block of cream cheese and some yummy jam and munched on that.  All in all I think it was a great Christmas.