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Picture Day (Or The Day I Humiliate Myself….to Three People)

Today is the day where we get to compare before and afters. Yes I know there is no after of this particular quest, well not yet anyway. So what are we comparing? We are comparing P90X with current day….

Fair warning to all who look you ARE NOT about to see a photoshopped model….you are about to see the real me….typically with no make-up…..

So how I’m gonna break these down is you will see three pics. One is when I started P90X (I believe that was 2012), when I finished-ish, and finally now.


Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60

P90X Day 60


Day 1….again

Right Side:

Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60

Day 60


Day 1….again

Back…LQR….so LQR

Day 1

P90X Day 1

Day 60 (what is it with the bra tags hanging out?!)

Day 60 (what is it with the bra tags hanging out?!)


Day 1…again (plus NO bra tag!)

Left Side….

P90X Day 1

P90X Day 1


Day 60

Day 1...again

Day 1…again

So the positives are:
#1) I got a proper set of workout clothes.
#2) My hair grows at an abnormal rate.
#3)……I don’t think I got any bigger than when I started…..

This is gonna be difficult….158 days to go!


159 Days & Counting (As of Jan 6th)

I don’t know how many of you know this but I am in sales. To some that won’t really come as a surprise to others, well SURPRISE!!!

I sell lube for a living…go ahead laugh…its funny, real funny. Ok ya back? Great. So the kicker: it isn’t THAT kinda lube, it’s grease, oil and other maintenance products. I sell primarily to the O&G companies, trucking companies and construction companies. Mainly anybody that has a maintenance department—I sell to those guys. You might also be aware that the O&G business is doing pretty well. It’s actually doing REALLY well. And so the monies trickle down to lil’ ‘ol me…

What you DON’T know is I have almost clinched the deal, earning a trip in June to the beach for my expert salesman-ly qualities (no I don’t care if you call me a salesman! Get over it!). So how that little trickle down effect has effected the Cumbie clan is 2 fold:
A-I’m no longer in the same shape I was after P90 ( I was going to link back to that post but apparently we didn’t take day 90 pics….what was wrong with us!)
B-I’m clear….as in skin color.

The second can be solved with a bottle of tanning lotion the first, well the first requires me to sweat….like a race horse!

Another kicker: I work long hours 90% of the time (7a-7p) and I spend roughly 2 weeks a month away from home. OH PS we are also buying a house, I am in a show, I am in Junior League, Turning 30 in April, and Mayday (aka family reunion) all stand in my way to deter me from a straight shot to a beach worthy body…..

This is where the blog comes in, it was EXTREMELY helpful in our P90 journey to help keep me accountable to all 3 of you who read this, and since hindsight is 20/20 I am asking for your help again!

I’m going to try another Beach Body product. It is Shaun T’s Focus 25. It gives me 25 min of intensity. I only have to do it 5 days a week, with an optional stretch day (I say it’s optional). As far as food I’m just gonna eat healthy and limit carbs. My Dr. has asked that I up my Salmon intake (worst meat ever) so we’ll see how that goes, and sadly I’m going to be integrating more lean meat into my diet. And by more I mean I’m going to go from 0 meat to maybe some chicken from the co-op once a week…..and then salmon once a week (she says begrudgingly). It’s a long story and maybe one day I’ll divulge.

I’ll take some before and after pictures….see what Shaun T does with this body in 28 days….

February remains undecided, so I’m up for suggestions….I have a friend that teaches a beach body class and a pole dancing class. Those should get my abs going right? Maybe a thigh gap?

Just a Naked Chic

Ok well almost naked. These posts always seem to get the most attention, and so I feel extra pressure to be witty and what not.

In case you’re just tuning in, C and I are on a quest to long term wellness.  And we feel the first step is to do P90X Doubles. What prompted such a change you might ask yourself? Was it the scary texts from Dr. M? No, well not really, although I want my husband to have high cholesterol as much as the next gal (in other words I don’t want him to have high cholesterol).

It’s just not as funny if you have to explain it….

We I am doing this cause I want to be able to throw my body around “like a ragdoll” as C says.  If you haven’t you should definitely check out the videos I posted yesterday. No seriously they are of two pole dancers…yeah see now you want to go look, go ahead, I’ll wait for ya. C just wants to get bigger…

So without further ado, here are the photos. I know I’m a long way from the dancers, BUT this is where I am not and that’s what we’re dealing with.  Hey do you think it matters that those dancers are like 5’2” and I’m 5’10”……NAH surely not!

Front Pose

Front Pose










Front--Arms Up

Front–Arms Up


Right Side

Right Side (Trying to think skinny thoughts)


Back–ugh (insert deprecating remark here…)



























Back--Arms Up

Back–Arms Up










Left Side

Left Side










Sooooooo there ya go. I know I know BUT things will get better…I hope.


I Want To Be THIS Girl….

Ok so I know that she is like 5’2 with 7 feet worth of Daddy issues BUT my gosh is that child in control of her body!

Recent Conversation:

Lee: Hey Col, will you watch this for a sec….puhleeeeeeaze
Col: What is it?
Lee: It’s a pole dancer. I want to be able to do this.
Col: Pole dance?…uh…no. We pay Amy a lot of money so you don’t have to go work out those issues with a pole!
Lee: Just watch.
Col: Shit! She’s really good.
Lee: My point….made! How do I get to be able to do that?
Col: It’ll take longer than 90 days.

I could say p’wned here but I shall not.  After discussing the length of time and method and what muscles this girl is wielding we decided the inevitable.  We are both becoming pole dancers!

JK…but seriouisly….no really jk….but really we are beginning a new journey in our lives.

See about 2 weeks later we had an annual check-up and the texts with my Dr went like this:
Dr. M: Your cholesterol was up, which shocked me, but I’m worried that Colin’s was even higher than last years.
Lee: Bummer
Dr. M: You need to cut back on all that Southern Cooking!
Lee: I’m sorry Dr. M your—bre—-ing—p. Ca—b—ck—lat—click. Well technically there was no click as this was a text convo BUT you get the point.

So in our my attempt to enable me to be able to do things with my body liken unto a ragdoll, and in an effort to keep my husband alive we are committing to the following:

90 days of P90X Doubles, then 60 days of me doing Insanity and possibly Colin doing Beast. Then, finally if I stick it out for 150 days, Colin said I could take a pole dancing class!

You know what this means, more ½ naked photos. Check it out, tomorrow is the first set, AND I even bought special fitness clothes to model in—no more bra and undies!

LUCY You Got Some S’Plainin’ To Do!!

Soooooooooooooo I have some very very interesting stats to reveal!

1st blog post with body pictures on them yielded 45 views.
2nd blog post with out body pictures yielded 12 views.
3rd blog post with body pictures yielded 49 views.

I think I’ve finally figured out what you guys want.  You LOVE pictures of my rent house carpet!! I think my next post will be just of my carpet….think of all the views I will get! 😉

PS just so you know I now feel extremely guilty when I don’t add a photo, so I’m going to start adding random ones.

Sunday was “Pure Cardio.”  I think it was mislabeled.  It was more like “Pure Hell.”  It was hard (of course it’s a workout program) and I sweated like a pig…well like a pig would if it could. I looked like I was about to die and I prayed to the great and speech troubled Shaun T, “Please MAKE-IT-STOP!” He replied with “Dig deeper! Don’t forget about your core!”

Hey did any of your guys try to do the fit test?

PS: Random photos will start manana (that’s tomorrow in Spanish).

And Here We Go

Disclaimer: I am writing this with full permission of Colin.

On January 1st Colin and I spent our 2nd Anniversary at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house.  It was beautiful and so very serene.  Aside from a lake and water toys there was one other thing that the lake house has that Colin and I do not—Cable.  Many of you know that Colin and I utilize our 50 inch tv as a monitor and do most of our TV watching from a laptop.  So not having a couple $100 cable bill also affords us the luxury of no info-mercials!  Well, at the lake house there is cable and info-mercials.  We stumbled upon a P90X info-merical.

Upon watching the very informative commercial Colin wanted to research this workout plan and was ready to “Bring IT!”  That is a common P90X phrase.  Well after researching and acquiring the DVDs, thanks John, we have now embarked on the journey that is P90X!  Check out videos for the program here.

Colin has talked to a lot of his friends and they all say that it is tough.  Which makes perfect sense and I would be disappointed if it were easy.  I have talked to my friends and have been on a recruitment campaign.  My efforts paid off and I did manage to get one friend to join me on this crazy journey that is P90X!  We have acquired chin-up bars—neither of us can do a chin-up—weights, protein powder, and snack bars.

The workout part of this adventure is pretty straight forward.  You workout an hour a day with whichever video is scheduled and you sweat a lot.  Beach Body, the people who invented P90X use what they call muscle confusion to keep you from plateauing.  I guess I get the concept but, at this point I’m just trying to stay excited about my new 5am wake-up call!  Yeah that’s right we’re working out in the AM!  If this workout program works–which I have no doubt it will–I will hopefully be fairly attractive by the time my B-Day rolls around!  That means that this year for my b-day I will be smokin, I will look awesome for my family reunion, AND for the lake this summer!

So tonight Colin and I get to go grocery shopping!  That’s right part of the P90X program is the nutritional plan.  The nutritional plan follows the workout structure in that it’s divided up into 3 phases, properly named phase 1, 2 and 3.  The nutritional plan is not bad at all.  There are a ton of options and it’s really about eating “clean” as a lot of people who work out say.  The first phase is like 60% protein.  They say it’s for cleansing.  This phase can last the full 30 days but more than likely it only lasts a few weeks due to the need for carbs for energy.  Phase 2 is more balanced diet, BUT if you want to really see all the benefits of P90X you have to make the jump to Phase 3, which is 60% carbs.  Tony Horton says this phase “has to be earned.”  It’s more along the lines of an athlete diet so if you aren’t working your but off and truly “Bringing It!” then you haven’t earned Phase 3 diet.

So within the 3 phases of the diet there are three different ways to approach the diet.  We were initially going to go with the menu plan.  There is a week menu and it has all these different meals for you to eat.  It is very diverse but it doesn’t use the same thing twice and of the people who have done it this way say it’s very expensive.  So we are going to try the portion plan.  This way gives us a grocery list of what we can eat and how much.  I found this website and she does a good job of breaking down the nutrition part into manageable chunks.  We’ll see.

Well, Colin said I could document our success here!  As we go through the 90 days I’ll post up here (cross fingers) a couple of times a week to let all y’all in on how it’s going.  If anybody has done P90X please comment below and let me know what you thought about the program.  We did take before pictures, and might I say that I now have proof that my husband did not marry me for my body….bless his heart.